Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June is Bustin' out all over....

Great day today I feel. I finally reached my 4 mile goal! And I feel a bit shakey at the moment, but accomplished and super happy as well- ah endorphins! Now the key is to do it faster. Today it took 38 minutes. Thats a long time to run for a lady like me!

Furthermore this morning was the Meet and Greet here at Shakes and Co and I'm so excited that people are here and we all live here together! I'm sure the novelty of communal living will eventually wear off but for now I'm just glad I'm not living awkwardly with a host family in some random corner of Boise Idaho. And Michelle- my roomie- has arrived and there are all kinds of people milling about the property these days. And soon I'll be starting my part-time dresser job which is gonna be a tad more social for me than being stuck in the offic all day. Lots to be happy about today.

Plus I got two pints of blueberries for 3.99 yesterday! What could be better? I am ready to love this summer!

Currently it is pouring outside. I just want to go dance in it!


  1. youre an amazing person and im always rooting for you.