Friday, April 9, 2010

Massachusettes part 2- I love not being depressing

Big News! I am returning to Lenox Mssachusettes- this time for an extended stay. I applied for the Performance Intern Program, but alas it was not meant to be. But I suppose things have a way of working out sometimes and instead I was offered a place in the Fall Conservatory at Shakespeare and Company! And in order to pay for this amazing opportunity I will be doing work-study for Shakes & Co for the next several months to pay for the tuition. And I'll be leaving in 9 short days to start my work study. So it looks like I'll be gone from the great state of Ohio until December at least, possibly longer. But the plus side? (besides the fact that its awesome and I'm incredibly excited about it of course) Is that it is far closer to all of you friends and family out there than Idaho is... so really I'll be a lot closer to home than I usually am- plus the Berkshires are lovely in the summer and you should all come visit me and see some amazing theatre- its only a few hours from NYC and about 8 hours from Ohio- so COME! VISIT! ENJOY AMAZING SHAKESPEARE! And furthermore feel free to send me mail- the address is the same as the previous post and I love getting mail!