Monday, June 28, 2010


Monday- also known as my DAY OFF! Unfortunately this Monday all my Intern friends do not have a day off so for most of the day I've had to fend for myself. So what to do with my wide open day? Well I got up at 7:30 and decided that since my usual 6am spinning class was cancelled I would try a new class. Its called ABC- abs, butt, core- clever... And while the class didn't give me much of a workout it was totally worth going to. You see many of the classes at my little gym Lenox Fitness are geared toward a slightly (or significantly) older crowd than myself. This class was in that vain- I was a good 30 years younger than anyone else in the class including the instructor, and the excersizes we did were obviously incredibly low impact. So why did I enjoy this when I was really in the mood for a good hard core workout? I have to say it was the soundtrack- which made this incredibly gereartic workout incredibly entertaining. The soundtrack was basically a techo-beat dance mix of classical musical theatre hits. Hilarious- and quite possibly the gayest music I have ever heard- and I mean that lovingly- I half expected Liza Minelli and a bergade of gays in purple jumpsuits to drop in at any moment. I sat there quietly giggling through my crunches as the music played through techo remixes of songs like "I could have danced all night" and "my favorite things". Somewhere Julie Andrews was weeping.

After my gym time I went exploring in Pittsfeild, as I had my eye on a vintage shop I saw a few weeks ago that didn't open until 11. So I walked around looking at the little shops and trying to find a decent breakfast- but upon finding somewhere decent to have breakfast I realized that last nights "Dip Fest" truely did not agree with me and I simply could not stand to put food in my mouth. Still queezy actually. Dip Fest was great- lots of yummy dips were sampled, but my stomach apparently disagrees with this. I went to the vintage shop as soon as it opened and had a grand old time looking at all the truely amazing vintage Victorian pieces they had (most worth hundreds of dollars- and rightfully so- most were silk, handmade, and 120 years old)which I could never afford, but I did manage to find a lovely dress from the 70's that I fell in love with and only for 25 bucks. It makes me feel like a true flowerchild.
I was honestly like a kid in a candy shop in this store- I don't think I've enjoyed myself so much in weeks- just looking at all the lovely pieces and imaging what the story was behind them (thats the amazing thing about vintage clothes, they always have a story). I will most certainly be going back- if only to admire the loveliness every once in a while.

As for the last few days- my running is going great- yesterday I ran 5 miles in the morning. And it felt great. I'm now looking for further ways to expand my usual route so that I can get it up to an even six and be running for a hour straight. I keep at a pace of about 6mph so it would be kinda perfect. Furthermore, I discovered on this last run that not only are my favorite summer flowers in bloom and readily available for the picking (Tiger Lillies) but all kinds of flowers are busting out these days- I have plans to brighten up my room with said flowers ASAP. I wanted to run again today but I'm wary of running 2 days in a row so soon because I'm worried I may be getting shin splints from doing too much too quickly. But TOMORROW its going to be another lovely 5 mile run and I'm already looking forward to it. Hopefully my stomach will be ammicable to some food soon. It better because Michelle and I are going to Baba Louie's tonight for woodfired organic sourdough pizza!

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