Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rainy Day

Its gross outside. And I feel similarly today. Very tired from staying up too late and then getting up at 5:30 for spinning class. It was a really intense class too and I have been wiped out all day from a combination of tiredness and yucky weather.

On a more optimistic note though I am loving having so many people here now. The trick for the rest of the summer I think will be staying on my budget which I did a terrible job at last month- very terrible. Trying to be a grown-up over here, but it aint always easy I suppose. But I'm loving having my roommate Michelle here with me, someone to talk to about anything. I have to say though that I am feeling pretty jealous of everyone else today. They all are off rehearsing for their various shows and I'm stuck in the office- not acting. I suppose I just have to bide my time and be a good girl until the Fall when it gets to be my turn. We are officially doing As You Like It for our Conservatory show, which is very exciting. Guess I'll have another crack at it after last years awful and dramatic situation with BW's production of it. At least they HAVE to cast me in this one lol. And just like last time I want Rosalind (but then, who doesn't) so I'm gonna start working on that like... now.

Got new running shoes- they are awesome- my knee didnt hurt at all after my run yesterday. Hurrah to that. Its weird that now I'm like- a runner. And that I actually like running, I used to HATE doing long distance when I was on the track team at school. I've been wanting to see if I can finish a mile run faster than I did then. If I recall my fastest time was like 7 minutes 13 seconds. Which isn't very fast obv- but please keep in mind I was 13 and the worst runner on the team.

Furthermore I miss my friends at home a lot. And my family. And I worry that I'm missing too much being away all the time. By time I finish Conservatory and go home it will be almost Christmas. I'll miss Allison's 3rd birthday. I wonder from time to time if this gypsy life is right for me. I suppose I may just be a little homesick, I have been here now for almost two months. Seven more ahead of me. I don't know- the sun needs to come out.

Today's theme song: "I Resolve" from She Loves Me. Should probably be my life theme song actually.

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