Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The illusive 4th mile

Yesterday I completed my very first 5k. After being inspired by Biggest Loser. I figured if people 2 or 3 times my size can run a 5k there is no earthly reason why I can't do the same. I have benn slowly working up to it the last couple weeks- I was up to 2.5 miles- adding .25 miles every time I run. But then I just decided I could do it now instead of in 2 weeks. So I did. It took me 30 minutes and 13 seconds.Not fast by any means but I did it. My end goal is to be able to consitantly run 4 miles at a time 3 days a week. I don't know why 4 miles is my goal exactly. It just seems like a good number to me I guess.

My diet has not been fairing as well as my excersize. Me being the emotional eater that I am I often get bored and want Mac and Cheese. I'm making progress on making healthier choices and not eating so many carbs- but its quite the struggle for me.

I have hope though that my boredom will abate in the next week or so with the arrival of the rest of the summer people including my roomie Michelle! I'll be moving into my new room that I'm sharing with her today actually. And hopefully she'll be a good gym buddy for me.

Other than that life goes on, things are starting to pick up around here, and I think my summer resolution ought to be to eliminate unnecessary stress from my life- which I'm taking to mean men. I think I should swear them off for the summer. I need a break from boy issues- it's been a long year as far as that is concerned, I could use a holiday.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Workin It

So I have now been in Lenox MA for about a month and in that time one theme has continued to pop up in my life. I. am. bored. Now don't get me wrong- I love being here, and I enjoy my job well enough, and I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. But sadly there is simply not a whole lot else going on here right now. Most people don't arrive for the season for another week, I am making friends, but others seem to be far busier with their jobs than I tend to be. And so for the first 10 days I found my self with nothing to do after 5pm. And so- true to form I stuffed my face out of pure undenyable boredom.

Now those of you who know me well will probably say "Well, thats not a big problem, you're skinny!" And yes I know- but the thing is that over the last year my weight has actually been fluctating like no other and since I now have no "routine" in place like I did in college (ie working, going to class, having rehersal, and a boyfriend and maybe eating somewhere between all this). This was a crazy and exhausting structure to follow, but a structure nonetheless and one which kept my clothes fitting fairly consistantly for 3 years. But now... all I have is time! Or so it seems. And because of my various emotional upheavals I have been nearly underweight (during the "my boyfriend dumped me, I hate life, and the sight of food makes my yack" phase)and now that I am pretty damn happy again I have gained about 20 pounds in the last 4 months. Now... 10 of that- totally neccessary- my jeans were all falling of my nonexistant ass. But the next ten, not so much. And so now I am in the process of creating a new routine. One which actually jives with my life right now.

So I joined the gym here in Lenox and (since my boredom puts me in bed RIDICULOUSLY early)go pretty much every single day before work. I know I'm supposed to take a rest day but if its a choice between being bored on Sunday and eating a cookie or being bored and going to the gym I would like to choose the later thank you. And I am even trying this whole eating 3 square meals a day thing (as apposed to what I did in college which was barely eat anything all day long and stuff my face when I finally got home at the end of the day). I'm working on it. I would like to lose that extra 10 pounds, but I'm trying to do it as healthily as I can. 1600 calories and day- eating my veggies and not skipping meals.

And it is pretty difficult- since I usually burn about 600 calories in my workout everyday and I just get so hungry! Not to mention my addiction to the Black and White cookies they sell at the supermarket in town. You see I originally thought they were only 220 calories each, then I REALLY read the lable and found that a serving size is only HALF the cookie. So upsetting- so they are really 440 calories each. What a dirty trick.

Luckily I have developed a new found love for my morning oatmeal (not even the little packets, but the unsweetened steel cut oats kind), the AMAZING granny smith apples at the Farmers Market, almond butter, and my spinning class. Hopefully I can keep this up if/when I ever start getting busy around here. I NEVER thought I could be a morning person who gets up at 5:30 every morning- but I geuss now I am. I can't sleep past 9 anymore even on weekends.

In other nonhealth/vanity related news I am going to Boston this weekend to do a play. A 10 minute play for the Boston Theatre Marathon which my boss Dennis is directing and asked me to be in. I have like 10 lines but I don't care. I have decided its going to be awesome. I haven't done a show in months! And I've never been to Boston before so I'm really looking forward to seeing it.

As far as the very strict 10 dollar a day budget I was supposed to be on- that is not fairing so well thus far- in part because of the 300 dollar 6 month gym membership, in part because buying fresh fruits and vegtables is a lot more expensive than my usual canned soup and Mac and Cheese, and in part because I SUCK at keeping on a budget. So... working on that. I would prefer not to be starving to death when I'm in Conservatory.

So there is the rundown of my thouroughly boring life- if you are still reading I commend you as a true friend.