Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Black and White Cookies

Tuesday again. That means I'm now going into week 4 of STI. But luckily this is the last full week and by the end of it... MOMMA WILL BE HERE! For, as yet, unplanned birthday festivities. Around here for birthdays people just tend to go out to one of the two bars in town- but I have very little interest in that as bars really aren't my thing. So I may end up just having a quiet evening with Momma and a few of my buddies here instead. There is no Coldstone Creamery around here for me to get my annual ice cream cake, so I'll have to think of some alternative.

Other birthday plans include: Being awesome, eating Mac and Cheese/ Fruity Pebbles/ other crap I never let myself eat anymore.

Now to recap the from yesterdays day-off. It was the annual company party at the Lohbauer's and we were all asked to bring something! I was super excited to have an excuse to bake again and so I got a little ambitious with my choice. I decided to make one of my favorite things of all time- Black and White Cookies.

Black and White Cookies are a tad more complicated than your average cookie I think- just because the icing means there are a few more steps involved. But I can say that they turned out to be a success.

The cookie part of these cookies is a bit more like a cake than a cookie. Mine ended up being a little denser than the ones I've had in the past- mostly because I couldn't find cake flour and I decided to use up what was left of my whole wheat flour which made the batter kinda heavy. I also used almond milk instead of regular milk which I think made some sort of texture difference as well.

Still they turned out fine. I have to say that it was a bit of a challenge though to find the stuff I needed in the kitchen of Greater Grace. I'm kinda starting to long for a kitchen of my own where I have all the stuff I need, know where everything is, and don't have to share with SO MANY PEOPLE. Dare to dream.

With these cookies you turn them over and frost the flat side of the cookie. You make the white frosting first and do one half of all the cookies.

Then you melt in chocolate, corn syrup, and cocoa powder to make the black frosting. This was a bit tricky for me as I had to make a double boiler of sorts with really old and crappy supplies. I think I succeeded, however, in at least not burning the chocolate and frosted the other halves.

And they turned out lovely.

So after I finished the cookies I was left with a huge bowl of chocolate frosting in front of me. I partially lost the battle with said bowl of frosting before I destroyed it and so decided to work off my sugar high at the gym. Then it was time to head off to the party with Andre and Michelle.

The party was very nice- lots of delicious food was had- and my black and white cookies were soon gone.

Oh! and did I mention that this blog post comes to you from my newly resurrected laptop? So glad not to have to do this in the office anymore!

There we are reunited!

So... goals for this week? Well I completed the ones from last week- ran 12 miles and went to both spin classes. This morning I did not get up and run like I normally do because I'm still all sore from going to the gym yesterday loaded with sugar! So I'm thinking I'll run this evening instead and set my goal for this week at 13 miles. We'll see if I can stick with that with birthday fun rolling around. What do YOU think I should do for my birthday?

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  1. WE need dinner, shopping and if a drive is needed, ICE CREAM! invite the friends! We can cook or go out, your call! The weekend is your oyster, so to speak! Cannot wait! Smooch, Momma