Tuesday, August 10, 2010

23 years of wisdom?

Well here I am- another year older. Another year wiser? Well I guess so. The last year has certainly been... interesting. Things were learned, growth was had. But now I would prefer to look to the future and make my 23rd year my best one.

So for my birthday this year I was in tech most of the day for More Words, More Play... and as for that... I don't wanna talk about it. But on the plus side Momma was here and we had a lovely couple of days together (at least between my rigorous work schedule- oy).

Isn't she lovely?

We ate a lot of good food and did a lot of quality shopping yesterday on my day off. I got a bunch of new exercise toys including: An ipod touch!, some under-armor stuff for running once it starts getting cold over here, a jump rope, some hand weights, and a Jillian Michaels book and work-out DVD. I also bot some new clothes. It was a bit trying buying clothes on this trip for me. I bought new jeans- jeans that actually fit. It hurt to go up a size- I cannot tell a lie, but at least I can be comfortable.

I don't feel super comfortable admitting how much weight I've gained this year. It sucks, but I understand why its happening. I've been really emotional and lonely and I haven't been acting. So really its not surprising. But I know I don't feel comfortable at this weight most of the time and would like to loose a few before I start Conservatory next month. I just need to get a handle on my emotional eating. Maintaining my weight in college was easy- but I was also studying what I love, doing shows, in a happy relationship, had tons of amazing friends around, etc... and I've found the real world to be just a tad different, so its difficult at times. But hey- my 5 months in work-study purgatory will soon be over and I'll be spending 3 months studying Shakespeare- then who knows what I'll be up to but I'm praying it will be ACTING!

22 was a rebuilding year I think- but I'm hoping 23 will be something else entirely. A real start to living the life I really want to have. Doing what I love and spending time with those who add to my life in a positive way.

And in other good news STI is almost over- only 4 (hopefully very short) days to complete. I have to say the participants (in general) have been really great- I'm just burnt out and ready to have a little time off during the day. Especially since starting this week I'm dressing 6 shows a week instead of just 3.

So perhaps I ought to set a few goals for my 23rd year of life. Here goes:
1) Run in a road race (at least a Half-Marathon, maybe a full)
2) Get paid acting work OR get into Grad School
3) Keep in better touch with my friends and family
4) Be healthy

And goals for this week:
1) Run 14 miles (4 down this morning- 10 to go!)
2) Do 2 morning spinning classes!
3) jump rope and try my new workout DVD
4) Stop whining and finish STI strong

New Toy!
And a special thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes!


  1. Well, gee thanks for the lovely pic! Always dreamed of appearing on a blog with my tongue sticking out! I had a great time, and love the pale you are finding yourself today!
    Love you! Momma

  2. Never get caught up in a number! Not on a scale or the tag on your clothes. Be your best and be good to yourself. That is all that matters! Love you, Erin Aunt Michelle