Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Good morning sneaky readers! It is Tuesday again which means my work week has begun anew. Yesterday was another Monday Funday, and a rather lovely one at that.

But before I get to the day-off frivolity I would like to take a short moment to congratulate myself for getting through another week of STI workshop managing. Well done Erin, well done. Two down- three to go! Not to mention Momma will be here soon for a visit!

After the small disaster that was last Tuesday, the rest of the week was really not so bad. It was an interesting week though- we had a new addition to the Amorous Quarrel cast... that whole situation was a stressful one for all involved- casting changes always are no matter the reasons behind them, but I am happy to say that all turned out fine. The show went on, as it must. And soon we'll be rehearsing a cast change that involves me! I'm taking over a very small part for someone who has to leave for a few shows. I'm not sure yet if I have any lines, but I will, at least, get to appear on a Shakespeare and Company stage at least a couple of days this summer.

My exercise routine last week was ok, but not as good as I would have hoped. We opened A Winter's Tale on Friday (I really enjoyed it, my favorite one so far) and those opening parties do have a way of messing with my old- boring-lady sleep schedule that allows me to get up at 5am for workouts. I'm happy to say that this time I survived the opening party with minimal drama. I didn't drink much and as soon as I started feeling the impulse to make bad decisions I remembered last time and went home instead. See, I'm learning... mostly.

But since this is a new week I thought it might be nice to set some goals to get me back on track. This week I would like to run a total of at least 12 miles (4 down this morning so only 8 to go!), attend both of this weeks remaining spin classes (I skipped yesterday and slept in instead for the first time in 3 weeks, I needed a TRUE day off. I also love that I now consider getting up at 10am sleeping in.), go to yoga on Sunday.

Luckily Andre and I did laundry on Sunday so I had nothing I "had" to do on my day off.

We tried a new place in Pittsfield to do our laundry since the Lenox Laundromat tends to smell for some reason. This one was fine but a little sketchy- we witnessed a small domestic disturbance in the Burger King parking lot next door. By this point in the week both Andre and I were a tad burnt out.

But then it was Monday! And after my restful night sleep I decided to spend the day at Club June. Club June is the home of a long-time supporter of Shakes and Co. She lives on a lake and invites anyone and everyone who works for Shakes and Co to come out to her house. There are kayaks, canoes, a floating dock, a paddle boat, a grill- pretty much everything you might need for an awesome day on the water.

One of the other grand things about June's is that there is no cell phone reception out there- none. So for a few hours everyone there is completely unplugged. No phone calls, not texting. and for me that is incredibly liberating- the feeling that all of that silly stuff can wait. That I can just be somewhere without knowing or caring what is going on with the rest of the world. I highly recommend it. Set yourself free.
Meaghan Daley and I had a lovely time!

I went out in the kayak, swam, and then pretty much generally laid about and read my book. I'm reading The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf, it's a book I studied in college and wrote a paper on. It's feminist literature and I really love it, but its not much of a book for a day at the lake. I love reading it, but it does tend to make a girl start hating men and society in general for all the oppression and whatnot, lol. Next time I'll bring some Harry Potter or something.

And after soaking up a sufficient amount of sun a few of us went to dinner in Great Barrington and I FINALLY got to try Baba Louie's pizza.

Mine had sweet potatoes... yummy. Although I missed the tomato sauce- its just not a pizza to me without tomato sauce.

But fun times were had by all. We also looked at this totally awesome candy store that I MUST take Lexi and Laura to when they come. Trust me guys- you'll love it. But I forgot to take pictures... guess they'll just have to be surprised.

And after dinner I pretty much called it a night since I really wanted to have the energy to get up this morning for my run. Which I did! It wasn't the best run ever- but I did it - 4 miles in about 41 minutes. For my next two runs I want to try and get under 40 minutes though. I'm at the point now where if I don't work-out in the morning I feel sluggish the whole rest of the day. It really does set the tone for the day and makes my skin look all nice and awake. People get so weirded out around here when I tell them I get up at 5 every day to exercise, but its really my favorite part of the day lately. The sun is just coming up, everything is quite, and its my only time during the day that is completely my own- its too early to be on call for STI- its the only time I get all day to listen to music most of the time. It's my time, not too hot, not too cold, watching the sun come up. Its a lovely way to experience summer in the Berkshires that's for sure!


  1. I want to try that Pizza when I come! Luv Momma