Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Funday

Good morning sneaky readers! At last a day off and I was up bright and early this morning to enjoy every single solitary moment of my day- no paperwork- no running all over the property- just me doing what I want to do. And I haven't had a day off since I went to the beach with the fam so this was long overdue. For you non-theatre types Monday is our traditional day off since we all spend the weekends presenting the public with lovely performances of some kind.

I knew I wanted to get up and go to spinning this morning so I made sure to go to bed pretty early. The last week was so crazy that I managed to miss all of my spinning classes and I didn't run nearly as much as the last couple weeks. But now that I've had a week of adjustment to a new sched I'm aching to get back on track, and getting up early this morning is setting the tone for the rest of my week I hope. I got up at 5am- did spinning- which could have been a really terrible experience today but turned out fine. You see the spin bikes at Lenox Fitness are in desperate need of replacing (and they are getting all new ones in a few weeks thank god) and so some of the bikes stick or are just hard to ride. I got there 15 minutes early today to make sure I got a good bike- went through 2 before I found one. Then once we started class a late-comer waltzed in and tried the remaining bikes with clips (which are attachments on the pedals if you have spinning shoes which I don't) and none of them worked and since I was riding a bike with clip attachments I was asked to switch with her. And I did since the only other person in the same situation was a 60 year old woman and I thought it would be rude to make her move instead of me. Sadly though every other bike in the room had something wrong with it and I ended up on a bike that only worked if I was pedaling at the speed of light. So I had come in early, got the perfect bike, then had to give it up for some lady who came late and left early. I was pretty miffed and the whole class I had that look on my face (momma knows the one), that look of pent up rage bubbling under the surface. I was very upset that my workout was being ruined, and that the bike was sticking so badly unless I really pushed it. So I probably did the hardest spinning workout I have ever done. A definite positive spin on the situation. And after class my instructor apologized for making me move and promised to never do that again. So all was well and I left the class a sweaty mess, but with a really great work-out to start the day.

After my shower I went home to a lovely breakfast of oatmeal- served up in my nearly empty :( almond butter jar. Deliciousness.

I also added in some strawberries and blackberries
What a perfect way to start the morning.

Other plans for the day include: FREE BRUNCH in the Larry Hall cafe, possible hiking, possible movie (Toy Story 3 or Inception I think), possible trip to the lake (if the sun decides to show her smiling face), and there may be some Starbucks involved in there somewhere. But all in all I am determined that this will be a beautiful day.


  1. Ok, so the rest of it looks good, but the Oatmeal looks gross. I am glad you are glad! Hope the sun comes your way my dear! Luv, Momma

  2. I saw inception. It was AMAZING! It is the best movie I have seen in a long time. Jilly